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We are Aegean...

We love the climate, nature, people, market, history of the Aegean, especially the northern Aegean; everything that belongs to it.

“Miranda” group of companies was established in 2009 based on enhanced “from farm to table” philosophy by using sustainability and by protecting the local. One of the brands of the group “Baca” produces organic bakery products which have several organic certificates. Chain of restaurants “Litany” and “A7 City Club” are the other branches of the group. “Miranda” produces olive and olive oil by using modern technology and complying COI standards.

We established the headquarters of our company in Ayvalık, where the Aegean started, by saying, "If we are going to produce, we must be where the product grows". Because we find the olives and olive oil of these regions unique, which have an aromatic characteristic and exquisiteness due to the abundant oxygen, the breeze of the Kaz Mountains and the yield of their volcanic soils.

Our production is based on the terms below;

Our Olive Trees

Sacred olive tree and its panacea olive oil; An important part of life for thousands of years,

Ayvalık olives, which are harvested with care and respect from our olive grove in October, are treated with natural fertilizers, without using chemical pesticides. It is collected every year from the same region, all from the delightful olive trees of the blowing places. Olive oil, which is as valuable as breast milk and harvested early, is a drop that flows to our health.


On the day it is harvested, we take it to the factory with its freshness on the branch, without waiting, and produce it by cold pressing method at 27 degrees. It has a green fruity aroma, contains phenol compounds and antioxidants from the olive fruit. With this effect, we obtain a taste that creates intense palpable bitterness on the tongue and a burning sensation in the nasal passages. Vitamin E, biophenols, antioxidant values, which are necessary for health, are at the highest level. It is taken to rest in chrome tanks without being filtered and stored under constant temperature control. After 30 days, the fruit and seed particles remaining in the production are taken from the oil after they collapse on their own and leave their flavor to the oil.


Our annual olive oil processing capacity 250 Tons and it is growing on daily basis.

Our yearly olive fruits harvest capacity is 40.000 kg with olives which from our olive trees fields. The olives are harvested in September and October called early harvested.

Our packaging and filling facility capacity is 1.000 pcs. glass bottles , 2.000 tin boxes per day.

With our solution partners, we also make contract manufacturing to enable different companies to develop their brands. For this purpose, we can provide full service to companies in bottling and tin packaging.

We also own the geographical indication that certifies the locality of our product. Ayvalık Chamber of Commerce gives the right to use this special logo with hologram to certain companies that fulfill the necessary criteria, after the inspections and tastings it carries out (www.ayvalıkto.org.tr). Secondly, we have Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry Approved Production Certificate, Geographical Indication Certificate. We also have organic olive oil filling, packaging certificate. With our Organic Filling and Packaging Certificate, we have a different boutique production line. We also have ISO 9001 and ISO 22000 certificates. The printout labels of these certificates are seen on all olive oils purchased under Miranda brand.

We try to deserve this geography and its "sign” especially with our product, production certificates and our filling facilities that we give great importance to hygiene.

Come, visit us and let us introduce you to where and how we produce. You will see that our invitation is not just a journey of taste.

Because we believe that a culture of taste and fine cuisine cannot exist without respecting the land and production.



Miranda - ISO9001
Miranda - ISO22000
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